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Veganes Fitness-Eis selbst machen

Recipe: Make fruity fitness ice cream yourself

Well, do you fancy a fruity cool down? We have created and present a new berry temptation for you: numove ice cream with frozen fruits and soy yoghurt. This creates cool enjoyment on hot summer days and refills your body's stores!

Ingredients for your fitness ice cream

Make fitness ice cream yourself – this is how it works:

The instructions for your fitness ice cream could not be simpler:

  • mix it baby Put all the ingredients in the blender and mix them together
  • Put the fitness ice cream mass in the fridge and tadaaa – your self-made fitness ice cream is ready !

Variations for your fitness ice cream

Chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream - you are the boss in the kitchen.

You can simply experiment with the ingredients for different types of ice cream. Use other berries, add some Bourbon vanilla , spice up the fitness ice cream with some cinnamon or conjure up a chocolatey refreshment for hot days with cocoa powder .

Peaches, mango, kiwi and other fruits are also ideal for your ice cream creations.

Have fun trying.

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