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Veganes Fitness-Eis selbst machen

Recipe: Make fruity fitness ice cream yourself

Ice cream is always possible, no matter what time of year. With this recipe you can easily make your own fruity fitness ice cream. Vegan, delicious and super refreshing - imitate now.
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Crunchy Kokos-Zimt-Granola mit nucao Schokolade selbst machen

Coconut cinnamon granola for breakfast with nucao

Crispy, delicious and guaranteed vegan - this is how you start the day with our coconut cinnamon granola for breakfast
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Vegane Pancakes mit numove Shake

Vegan breakfast pancakes with numove shake

For a hearty breakfast, we like to bake fresh pancakes with a portion of fruit and numove cocoa-cinnamon in the morning. This not only fills up your stomach, but also all of your body's stores. That's how it works:
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Rezept für veganen Chia Pudding

Recipe: Carrot Cake Chia Pudding

Snacking at Easter? Definitely a must do. With our vegan recipe for carrot cake chia pudding you can start the day tasty and healthy. 🥕
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Vegane Protein Balls selbst machen

Recipe: vegan energy balls with numove shake

They see me rolling - our vegan energy balls are super easy to prepare and take to the office. Try it.
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Overnight oats selbst machen Frühstück

Fruity overnight oats with berries

Are you in a hurry in the morning and don't really have time for breakfast? Our overnight oats can be prepared in a relaxed manner in the evening and save you the morning stress. So nothing stands in the way of a successful day.
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Gesundes Frühstück für die Arbeit

Fitness apple and cinnamon porridge

Looking for a filling oatmeal breakfast? Porridge, oatmeal or porridge - here comes your favorite recipe 🥣
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