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Workplace health promotion – tips for your company

The demands at work are increasing, complexity is increasing and it is becoming increasingly difficult to switch off at home. Enormous performance is demanded of workers – often at the expense of their health. In this article, we will tell you how employees stay fit and feel good at work through workplace health promotion:

The Occupational Health and Safety Act

Measures are defined under the Occupational Safety and Health Act to prevent accidents at work and to ensure “humane design”. What may be worded in an unusual way has, however, an enormously important core.

Paragraph ArbSchG

The Occupational Health and Safety Act is mandatory. This is not only intended to protect the physical and mental health of workers, but also their personal rights. The promotion of further development, the possibility of social contacts and respecting differences must always be taken into account.

There is also workplace health promotion. Although this is voluntary, it is absolutely advantageous for every company. But what does that actually mean?

What is workplace health promotion and how does it work?

Company health promotion, or WHP for short, is an important element of company health management (BGM). With appropriate measures, the holistic concept aims to improve the health of employees, prevent illness and promote a good work-life balance. Sound good!

According to the WHO, health promotion is “a process that enables people to make better decisions about their health and can thereby improve health”.

In order for this to function sustainably, not only must the working environment be designed to be health-friendly, but employee participation is also required. Why is BFG so beneficial? We'll show you.

company health promotion statement

What are the goals of workplace health promotion

Employers and employees benefit equally from workplace health promotion. It not only ensures more satisfaction among colleagues, but also strengthens the entire company:

Benefits for employers:

  • Enhanced performance of all employees
  • Increased motivation through stronger identification with the company
  • Cost reduction through fewer illnesses and production losses
  • Increase in productivity and quality
  • Image enhancement of the company
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Strengthening of corporate culture and employee loyalty
workplace health promotion Benefits for employers and employees

Benefits for employees:

  • Improving your own health
  • Reduction of health risks
  • Reducing doctor visits
  • Less burden
  • More quality of life
  • Promotion of performance and motivation
  • Greater job satisfaction and a better working atmosphere
  • Participation in the design of the workplace and the workflow
happy person - workplace health promotion offers many benefits

Examples of workplace health promotion

1. Sports

Let's get fit. Because fit teams are more focused and have less absenteeism. As an employer, there are various ways of integrating sport into everyday work. How about sports such as yoga or HIIT training? These can take place internally within the company or with a free gym membership before/after work. Many colleagues also like to come to work by bike or would perhaps even jog to the office – if there was a chance to freshen up there. So it can also be attractive to provide a shower at the workplace.

company health promotion fitness studio and co.

2. Further training/seminar offers

If you want to promote your employees, you don't always have to do it with material offers. The possibility of knowledge generation also contributes to health promotion. In the stressful everyday life, many do not always have the time or desire to deal with preventive topics - we know what we're talking about. It can therefore be helpful to organize appropriate (voluntary) seminars. The focus could be on topics such as nutrition, cancer prevention, the right way to deal with the virtual world and ergonomics in the workplace. Also always valuable: Obtaining feedback from employees. What interests you most? What would you like to learn more about and where would you like more clarification?

Academic hat – workplace health promotion measures: further training

3. Work-life balance

40 hours a week or even more? The job is taking up more and more of your life. Professional availability has long since ceased to be limited to physical presence at work, but also makes people mentally dependent. It is not uncommon for leisure time to suffer as a result, when switching off is often difficult. This is exactly why a good work-life balance is so important. It literally aims to bring the relationship between work and private life into a healthy balance. To support this, health-promoting measures range from flexible working hours and the choice of work location to specified availability outside of working hours.

For even more harmony between work and relaxation, there are also relaxation offers such as massages, napping rooms and team events. You can find more tips and inspiration in our article “Mental health is so important – also in the office” .

4. Nutrition

Creative ideas need a fit mind. A balanced diet is the be-all and end-all, because it not only promotes productivity, but also concentration at work.

A growling stomach reduces the absorption capacity and usually results in a lack of energy. Meals that are too difficult to digest make you tired and sluggish. How can you solve the problem? With delicious, varied lunch offers such as a salad bar, vegan and vegetarian dishes, fruit and fruit-nut mixtures to nibble on in between and a well-equipped kitchen for preparing your own meals. A balanced diet in the office can also be promoted by sharing recipes and subsidies. Please also have a look at our article on “tax-free benefits in kind” .

Plate of broccoli

The best comes last: Our snacks ensure the perfect work-life snack balance and for us are definitely a basic building block of a balanced diet. The numove protein bars , nucao chocolate bars and our fitness shake are not only a pleasurable incentive to come to the office, they also help to get through the afternoon slump. Vegan, organic, fair and in a wide variety of varieties, our office bundles are guaranteed to have something for all colleagues.

Workplace health promotion can be so tasty.

opened nucao bar Crisp&Crunch

Tasty snacks for fit employees:

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