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Mentale Gesundheit – Tipps von the nu company

Mental health is so important – even in the office

Already overslept in the morning, quickly downing your coffee to sprint to the train, which is late anyway? Stress seems ubiquitous in the modern world. Unfortunately, more and more often in the workplace. Mental health plays an immensely important role for each of us. We explain why and show you ways to support the mental health of employees.

What is stress anyway?

First of all, stress in itself is nothing negative; to a certain extent it is normal and even essential. It is triggered by the brain whenever the brain wants to report a threat to the body. Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol then increase in the blood in a very short time, the senses are sharpened and the body is able to perform at its best. As soon as the (alleged) danger is over, the body regulates itself again. If this phase lasts for a short time, the stress is even perceived as invigorating or strengthening. In this case one speaks of positive stress : eustress .

Definition of stress - what our brain wants and say

Dangerous: constant stress makes us ill

Far too much information, constant deadline pressure, increasing demands in private and professional life as well as a daily overload of stimuli quickly throw inner peace out of balance. balance? none. This permanent overload not only reduces the quality of life, but also makes you ill in the long run.  If blood pressure remains high due to stress-related hormones and can no longer regulate itself, this is referred to as negative stress : distress . And this should be avoided. The consequences can be very different and the cause cannot always be identified immediately. Unfortunately, warning signals from the body are often overlooked - because it usually takes a while to recognize that the problem is not on a physical level but on a psychological one.

Burnout and illness - these are the consequences of stress at work

A bit of stomach ache and intestinal problems here, a little irritability and a headache there – not to mention this permanent listlessness? All of these can be symptoms of too much stress. And in the long run, this can weaken the immune system and lead to diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, tinnitus, diabetes, depression and burnout.

In the long run, stress at work makes employees unhappy, ill and no longer productive. Satisfaction and output decrease, the absence account increases.

At over 40%, mental illness is the main reason for early retirement, and long-term stress increases the risk of developing a mental disorder by 50%. The Occupational Health and Safety Act even stipulates that "work must be designed in such a way that a risk to life and health is avoided as far as possible and the remaining risk is kept as low as possible" .

work-life balance

Stress factors – triggers for psychological stress

Let's first look at the factors that can have a negative impact on the mental health of employees:

⚡️ too high requirements

⚡️ bad communication

⚡️ Challenges from new technologies

⚡️ constant availability and accessibility

⚡️ lack of awareness among managers

⚡️ no boundary between work and private life

⚡️ increased personal responsibility

⚡️ missing experience of meaningfulness

⚡️ lack of social interaction

⚡️ enormous complexity of tasks

⚡️ increasing pressure

Danger recognized - Danger averted?

Promote mental health and reduce stress:

Those who are informed about stress, its triggers and effects can also better prevent it. This applies equally to managers and employees. In this way, well-being can be increased together and mental stress reduced:

🌟 Education: e.g. stress management training or personal coaching

🌟 Take breaks: Meeting breaks are taking place  Meeting marathon, planning focus time, consciously taking breaks instead of eating in front of the computer

🌟 Exchange: regular employee meetings to identify problems at an early stage

🌟 Limited availability: clearly communicated and predetermined times when employees should be available (via mobile phone, email or similar)

iPhone and co - technology can be so stressful on our health

🌟 Relaxation: Spend lunch breaks in the fresh air, meditate (e.g. with a meditation app, in a group), progressive muscle relaxation, yoga, use a stress ball, breathe away the stress with breathing exercises

🌟 Opportunity to retreat : Set up a cellphone-free quiet room to relax, use noise-cancelling headphones for undisturbed work (tip: create your own company playlist for focus work)

🌟 Conflict mediation: Let mediators mediate in conflicts without having to involve managers

🌟 Flexible working hours to improve work-life balance

🌟 Promoting social interaction: joint (virtual) coffee breaks, founding interest groups, team events

Yoga helps with too much stress

You see: A high stress level at work does not have to be. If the workplace maintains and promotes mental health, employees will come to the office with more enthusiasm and joy. Mentally overburdened, sick colleagues, on the other hand, have an equally negative effect on society and the company. Mental illnesses quickly cause illness costs in the double-digit billions – which can be saved with appropriate precautions.

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