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Better snacking: nucao vs. other chocolate bars

Chocolate makes happy! Most of us would probably sign that without thinking twice. She's sweet, she's delicious,... she's a sin? Conventional candy bars are packed with inferior ingredients like skimmed milk powder and wrapped in plastic. We love chocolate too, but we definitely lose our appetite. That's why we only serve nucao - the chocolate bar that's good for everyone. You can find out why here:

Conventional chocolate: pangs of conscience instead of delicacies

If you want to buy chocolate , you first have to fight your way through a huge range: whole milk, dark chocolate, with nuts, with biscuits, with fruit or yoghurt, for children, for diabetics, in the form of bars, bars, pralines, shavings and so on further. We could continue the list endlessly. What do they almost all have in common? Most brands use about 50% industrial sugar, 20% skimmed milk powder and only about 30% cocoa as the basis for their products. Doesn't sound so tasty anymore, does it? The food industry needs new rules !

Chocolate in paper cups

Why nucao is the better snack

nucao is different from conventional chocolate bars - fortunately. With him there is finally a chocolate bar that is good for everyone. Enjoyment without compromise is absolutely possible. Our creamy, tender chocolate bar is 100% organic, vegan and packed with purely natural ingredients such as hemp seeds, almonds and acerola.

With a cocoa content of 70% and a pinch of coconut blossom sugar, each variety is a special kind of taste experience. Anyone who has long accustomed their taste buds to the far too sweet types of chocolate from conventional brands may find nucao to taste a bit unusual at first.

Hand with Nucao

No wonder, because the palate is no longer used to the real, natural taste of our ingredients. So be sure to confront him with the full taste of fair cocoa and responsible ingredients - you won't regret it. We promise you: Once you're there you never want to go back!

At Easter, our nucao bunny hops onto the stage and ensures a clear conscience in the Easter nests. Delicately creamy, vegan, fair and plastic-free, packed in a sustainable cardboard box, it is in no way inferior to the old hands.

nucao is also really good for the environment, because the chocolate bar is packaged plastic-free. We also reforest with every copy sold to give something back to our planet.

nucao ensures a constant blood sugar level

You probably know it: Time is once again too short for a balanced, healthy snack, so that it turns out to be pretty meager again. Quickly incorporated a few pieces of chocolate and on we go. Unlike conventional chocolate bars made from inferior ingredients, nucao ensures a constant blood sugar level. The natural organic ingredients keep you full longer and the dreaded crash doesn't follow.

We even commissioned our own study, in which the blood sugar levels of the subjects were compared: once they ate nucao, once a conventional chocolate bar.

Stacked nucao chocolate bar

The result: When eating conventional chocolate bars, the body produced excess insulin, blood sugar rose rapidly and then crashed. This did not happen when eating nucao. It was not a roller coaster ride, but a very constant blood sugar level. If you would like to learn more about this, you are welcome to take a look at the study directly .

nucao – diversity of varieties

You will not only find nucao dark , but also nucao white and like m!lk ! They impress across the board with their mild creaminess and incomparable enjoyment. All varieties have one thing in common: they inspire with their unique taste and natural ingredients.

If nucao dark is a bit too harsh for you, you will especially love like mi!lk. The varieties Crisp & Crunch and Creamy Noisette offer a taste experience à la milk chocolate and do not need a drop of cow's milk. Even without animal ingredients, like m!lk is super tender, super creamy and super delicious. Thanks to crispy cornflakes, Crisp and Crunch is not only our loudest variety, but also allergen-free according to the recipe.

Eat Nucao without a guilty conscience

you are team white chocolate ? Did you know that according to food law, this only deserves its name if it contains milk powder? Well, then we call our light bars white choc, because we don't use powdered milk in our bars. 😉 We simply replaced the milk powder in our Raspberry Crisp and Crunchy Nougat varieties with tiger nut flour. Crunchy Nougat is our creamyness star and Raspberry Crisp awakens summer feelings all year round with fruity raspberries.

So we only have one thing left to say:
Forget everything you know about chocolate. Except maybe the fact that it makes you incredibly happy.

Make gifts with nucao

These snacks should not be missing in any office:

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