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Hungry for change?

We love good chocolate. But there is a bitter aftertaste...

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Soccer fields are cut down every day around the world just to grow cocoa.*


of all plastic packaging is recycled.*


Millions of children still work on cocoa plantations in the worst conditions.*


of all cocoa farmers use environmentally harmful pesticides such as glyphosate.*

Ready to make a difference? Ready to make a difference? Ready to make a difference?

Time for a real change in the chocolate shelf

Time for chocolate without the bitter aftertaste. We fight for what is really important and set
new standards. Here we show you what we do to make the world a little bit better. Bar by bar, without losing sight of the big picture. That is why each of our products meets these 5 minimum standards:

icon vegane Rezeptur
Vegan recipe
Fairtrade Kakao nucao
From organic farming
nucao ist bio, vegan und fair
Fairtrade cocoa from Peru
plastikfreie Verpackung nucao
Sustainably packaged
nucao pflanzt Bäume

Unguilty pleasures

Olle Kamellen, but unfortunately still true: Animal products are often associated with negative climate impacts, deforestation and animal suffering. Things that just aren't compatible with our values. Quite the opposite: we set out to put truly sustainable chocolate on the shelves. That's why we're developing innovative vegan chocolate creations with our Swiss partner - creaminess guaranteed! From ecological cultivation, without chemical-synthetic pesticides and free from artificial additives and flavors, our products stand for a world in which we all want to live: Green, fair and outrageously delicious.

Regionality is not everything

Everything organic? Clear! Everything regional? Unfortunately not. With a product like chocolate, we cannot source all the ingredients locally. Unfortunately, while our sugar comes from Germany and Switzerland, our almonds from Spain and our hazelnuts from Turkey, ingredients like cocoa are not grown in Europe. Responsible purchasing of raw materials is all the more important to us. But: Regionality is not everything. That's why we always look at the entire life cycle of our products - including cultivation, manufacture, use and disposal.

Beat the beat

Coconut blossom sugar covers several thousand nautical miles on the way to us. The low processing and caramel taste of the sugar have convinced us so far, but who is ahead when it comes to sustainability? The answer: beet sugar! Due to the shorter transport routes, we have lower CO₂ emissions. Also, growing beet sugar uses less water than coconut palms. That's why the regional organic sugar has recently been on our list of ingredients. True to the motto: Don't let climate damage occur in the supply chain in the first place!

Chocolate trees are made of these

Keyword responsible procurement of raw materials: what about the cocoa? To this day, cocoa is associated with slavery and child labor, particularly in West Africa. If we want to fight the causes and not just the symptoms, it becomes clear that everything stands and falls with the price. We can only prevent unsustainable practices such as deforestation and the use of pesticides with really fair payment. That is why we pay our farmers from Peru an extra premium for the high quality of the cocoa in addition to the organic and fair trade premium. Full transparency wanted? We pay our cooperatives US$ 3,500 per tonne of cocoa.

Bite into the future

Our Peruvian cooperatives not only pay fair salaries, they also do without pesticides and promote local biodiversity with mixed cultures and agroforestry. As part of visits to our partner cooperatives on site, we can build long-term partnerships, get to know the farmers personally, get our own picture of their reality and discuss together how we have to change cocoa cultivation sustainably in order to continue to have a profitable one in the future and to be able to guarantee a livelihood harvest. After all, what would a world be without chocolate?

The best packaging is no packaging at all

We don't want our packaging to help create a continent of plastic waste. Unfortunately, since our products cannot do entirely without packaging, we have decided on what we consider to be the most environmentally friendly alternative: Our chocolate is packed in home-compostable cellulose film made from renewable raw materials and/or in recyclable paper. True to the motto: reduce, reuse, recycle.

nucao. nachhaltige Verpackung
nucao nachhaltige Verpackung

3% for the planet

We want to be an engine of change and your purchase is our (green) fuel. With every product purchased, we therefore donate 3% of our sales to reforestation projects. The donations go to our long-term partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

Our big goal: plant 1 billion trees!

164,250 days

requires conventional plastic to decompose in nature.

180 days

it takes for our cellulose film to completely decompose on the compost.

Your enjoyment makes trees grow

Together with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects, we implement environmental projects in regions severely affected by climate change, such as Madagascar or Nepal. Why? Reforestation is considered one of the most effective measures in the fight against climate change and forests are among the most important CO₂ stores on our planet. The measures not only have an ecological, but also a socially positive effect: the afforestation is carried out by the local communities. They own the land on which the forest is created and they benefit from the resources of the new forest.

Germany is also suffering from climate fever

What many do not know: Germany is one of the regions in Europe most severely affected by climate change. Our forests are drying up and falling victim to pests. That is why we regularly support the Bergwaldprojekt eV association with donations or work assignments on site in Eibenstock. A little tip: Such a reforestation day is also ideal as a team event!

nucao teambild tree planting
nucao teambild tree planting

And we have already achieved this together:


trees planted


plastic saved


sourced from traceable Fairtrade cocoa

Elbow mentality and greed for profit are not really our thing

We believe that sustainable business means working together for a better tomorrow. What does it take? A clear attitude, the will to change something and an alliance of like-minded people. That is why we are part of corporate networks such as:

Start-Ups for Tomorrow

Start-Ups for Tomorrow

Network of young companies with the aim of raising awareness of sustainable consumption.

tcl logo. Together for Carbon Labelling

Together for Carbon Labelling

Initiative to establish a uniform CO₂ label with other food companies, scientists and NGOs.

The Good Food Collective

The Good Food Collective

Network of actors in the food industry who share the vision of a caring and ecological society.


B Corp ist eine globale Bewegung, die sich für eine inklusive, faire & regenerative Wirtschaft einsetzt.

ready to choc the system. nucao cheeky planet
ready to choc the system. nucao cheeky planet

For all sustainability nerds who want more specialist knowledge: stay tuned, there will be a new sustainability report soon! What else can you expect from us in the future? We want to get more involved in the source of our added value - especially in cocoa cultivation. You can also look forward to even more transparency in our supply chains. We have some exciting things in store for you.



* waste#plastic diversity