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nucao Schokolade bio vegan fair
nucao schokolade bio vegan fair

new taste. Same mission.

new taste. Same mission.

A lot has changed, but ours
We remain true to values.

A lot has changed, but ours
We remain true to values.

Background to the relaunch

Chocolate lovers! We need to talk.

Our recipes have received a chocolaty upgrade, but our mission remains the same: we want to make delicious, sustainable chocolate. And there are reasons why we have adjusted the recipes. The majority of our customers told us that they would not buy the bars 1.0 a second time because of the taste. That hurt. The fact is, as a company with bars 1.0, we would have lost our shelf space in the supermarkets! In addition, we can only change the dirty chocolate industry in the long term if many people are involved. For more positive impact out there.

the nu company wird nucao
the nu company wird nucao

Impact weighs more than sugar

We replace coconut blossom sugar with organic beet sugar. We obtain this regionally from Germany, Switzerland and France and will save hundreds of tons of CO2 in the future simply through shorter transport routes. In addition, beet sugar is very resource-efficient and low-emission in production. There are varieties with less and varieties with a little more sugar - but still well below the sugar content of conventional milk chocolate.

There's something new in there

The taste of our old bars was too special. Most people out there see chocolate as a candy and treat themselves to a piece every now and then. True to the motto: Enjoyment in moderation!
In the new bars, hazelnuts and organic sunflower oil from Europe ensure our unique creaminess. When selecting the raw materials, we stick to our product principles: everything is made from plant-based ingredients, organic farming, fair trade cocoa and packaged in an environmentally friendly way. To this end, every product invests in a greener world.

Inside mmm, outside ohhh

All products are packaged in an environmentally friendly manner in home-compostable cellulose film or recyclable paper packaging. The best choice for disposing of our film is the in-house compost. There it decomposes after approx. 6 months. If you don't have compost, just put them in the yellow sack or general waste. The film is thermally recycled - no harmful substances are released when our film is burned. You can simply dispose of the paper packaging with the waste paper.

We thought about it, but...

This is difficult on the production side. Especially with regard to recipe planning and processes in large-scale production. We also focus on the greatest possible sustainability when purchasing raw materials. Coconut sugar has to travel thousands of kilometers across the world while sugar beet grows on the doorstep.

nucao Impact Report. Planet

For the planet

Every product sold supports our reforestation projects.

Sustainably packaged

Our products are packaged in very easily recyclable waste paper.

fairtrade kakao nucao bio


The cocoa beans from Peru are 100% fair trade and organically grown.

Our product range

nucao candy bar

Forget everything you thought about sustainable chocolate and try the seven new and incredibly delicious nucao bar varieties. Whether bittersweet, creamy-mild or white - we have something for everyone!

nucao chocolate bar

The big siblings of the nucao bars are here! And they ignore everything that used to be called sustainable chocolate. To verify this statement, simply take a bite and share at your next snack opportunity.

nucao chocolate snacks

Time for the most exciting snack triple of the year: loud and crispy, coated in chocolate and irresistibly good! nucao fruits - these are our freeze-dried strawberries and raspberries. Or are you more of a hard core? Then our nucao Nuts are the right thing for you. Our nuts are so crunchy and delicious that they sometimes mysteriously disappear quickly.

nucao Planets

Our nucao Planets may look like normal chocolate balls, but they have the world's creamiest vegan filling. No, of the universe!
Whether with grandma on the couch, on the playground or secretly at the desk - our nucao planets will be hotly contested!

That stays the same

our mission

We are the chocolate start-up nucao from Leipzig and want to change the chocolate market sustainably. With irresistibly delicious and sustainable chocolate, we want to reach as many people as possible and ensure a greener world. All our products are vegan, packed with organic ingredients and fair organic cocoa. But that's not all! Our packaging consists of home-compostable foil or paper and we donate 3% of our sales to reforestation projects in cooperation with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects. Our goal? Plant 1 billion trees. You want to know more?

Snacking for future. Snacking for future. Snacking for future.

More about us

3 guys meet in a kitchen...

From the shared kitchen to your own company.

Become part of the 1 billion tree project!

We donate 3% of our income to reforestation projects.

Ready to make a difference?

Time for a real change in the chocolate shelf.