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Fitte Frau joggt Treppe hoch

Workplace health promotion – tips for your company

The demands in the workplace are increasing, the complexity is increasing. Health often suffers from the pressure to perform. With our tips for workplace health promotion, your employees stay fit.
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Mentale Gesundheit – Tipps von the nu company

Mental health is so important – even in the office

Stress seems to be omnipresent – ​​even in the workplace. The consequences: burnout, absenteeism, dissatisfaction. You can do this:
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Steuerfreier Sachbezug – nachhaltige Süßigkeiten

Tax-free benefits in kind – a win-win for everyone

The tax-free benefit limit has increased from €44 to €50 per month. But what does that even mean? We explain why everyone benefits from it:
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CO2 sparen im Alltag

5 tips on what you can do to combat climate change

Climate change is progressing; the planet keeps heating up. In the last 150 years alone, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 40% - according to statistics, in 2016 every German contributed 8.9 tons to this. Find out now how you can save CO2 in the home office without much effort:
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Kompostieren so geht's

Composting: what it can do and how it works

Whether in central composting plants or in your own home: composting has many advantages. Most of us know far too little about the impressive process - we have to change that:
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Effektiv und nachhaltig zu Hause arbeiten

8 tips for more sustainability in the home office

Find out how you can optimize your ecological footprint in the home office without much effort. 🌎
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